Bourke-White Timeline

                            1924 Attends Purdue University                                           

1927 Graduates from Cornell University                                                                                          Richard H. Parke, "The Camera Queen"

1927-1929 Photographs industrial sites in Cleveland, including Otis Steel

1929 Begins working for Fortune magazine

1930 Moves studio to New York City

1930-1932 Travels three times to Soviet Union to document industrial life during the first Five Year Plan

1931 Travels to southern Indiana to photograph Empire limestone quarries

1931 Photographs underground in a coal mine

1934 Covers the Dust Bowl catastrophe for Fortune

1935 Begins aviation photography for Pan Am, TWA and Eastern airlines

1936 Produces photograph for cover of first issue of Life magazine; hired as one of four staff photographers for Life

1936 Travels to rural U.S. South with Erskine Caldwell for work on You Have Seen Their Faces (1937)

1936 Exhibits five photographs in Museum of Modern Art photography show

1937 Photographs refugees from Ohio River flood in Louisville

1938 Travels to Czechoslovakia after German annexation of Sudetenland 

Margaret-Bourke-White visiting Indiana University, 1943. Courtesy of IU University Office of Archives & Record Management

Margaret Bourke-White visiting Indiana University, 1943.
Courtesy IU Archives, P0031274.

1941 Visits Moscow during initial German bombardment of USSR during WWII

1942 Accredited as first woman war correspondent to US Air Force 

1943 Flies as first woman photographer on bombing mission

1943-44 Photographs the invasion of Italy by Allied troops

1945 Accompanies Patton’s Army in Germany; observes and photographs liberation of Buchenwald

1946-1948 Travels twice to India for Life; documents independence, partition, communal riots, Gandhi’s funeral

1949 Publishes Halfway to Freedom, her book on Indian independence

Dec. 1949 Arrives in South Africa

Dec. 16, 1949 Photographs inauguration of Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

April 14, 1950 Departs South Africa

Nov. 4, 1950 Discusses South African trip at symposium on “Modern Photography” at Museum of Modern Art

1955 Displays one of her South African photographs in “Family of Man” exhibit at MOMA


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